“When I come home, I need to feel instantly disconnected. In the rest of my life, I feel overstimulated. Here, I want things to be serene and unfussy, full of objects I love – but not too many of them.” Nina Garcia (editor-in-chief of Elle)

Welcome to Habitat Sereno Organising

Are you ready to get organised and restore order in your home?

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by clutter in your household or simply don’t know where to start. You may be short on time, have a tight deadline to meet, require support due to a major life change, or due to emotional/health reasons.

I will assist in decluttering and organising your home to enable you to create order and efficiency in your life. Do you need some help in the process of making decisions about the objects in your home? Indecision can be paralysing. I aim to visually transform your given space and make it more functional. Systems will be developed that suit your individual needs enabling you to find and use your belongings more easily.

I provide a patient and calm presence to the process in a caring and respectful way, whilst retaining your privacy.

I would love to help you organise the areas of your space, to create a sense of serenity!